Uttering of these recalcitrant words
Fluttering on the white wings of birds
Speaking to the Voice of the cosmos
And falling on the black wings of crows
Refusing to bow to that Voice so regal
Refused to soar on the wings of eagles

Falling, with my pride
From the cerulean beyond
Only my pride,
Will snap this immortal bond

With my pride and only my pride

Lifting my back off this forest floor
With an infants’ hands, walking on four
Clearing the rubble from the valley ahead
With the hands of man, and two feet I tread
Finding in the darkness, imps and golems berserk
Broken is my back, as idle hands will do my work

Falling, with my wrath
Through the mountain’s shadow
Only my wrath
Can bring me to a valley so low

With my wrath and only my wrath

Rope tying worlds, its ends so frayed
With an angel’s mouth, I’ll sing a serenade
Blot out the Star, still landing from the fall
Mouth of a tyrant, screaming over all
Crooning words of music, blowing a seraph’s kiss
Maw of a serpent, they’ll yet hear a hiss

Falling, with my envy
Like the morning Star beyond the gateway
Only my envy
Can see the Star’s rise in the world away

With my envy and only my envy


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