Stepping up to this tranquil summit
The highest point in all the world
The cold air is mine to breathe
And these pure clouds are mine to hold

But I’m standing on the tip of a rocky spear
A ring of smoke encircles me,
Constricting me like an almighty serpent

Why hath thou forsaken me?

Traveling through this soothing desert
The emptiest space in all the land
This terrain is mine to tread
And the sunlight is mine to follow

But I’m sinking into sizzling quicksand
And a rattling serpent is approaching me,
Baring its venomous fangs

Why hath they forsaken me?

Descending to the depths of this calming sea
The lowest point in all the Earth
These uncharted trenches are mine to explore
And these glowing lifeforms are mine to behold

But I’m drowning beneath this crushing sea
A gilled serpent has found me,
And slithering from above

Why hath I forsaken me?


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