What’s up, guys? I haven’t posted in a while, and today’s my 30th birthday, so…obligatory birthday post?

Frankly, I don’t like nor care for these “omg my 20s are over” porn blogs. One solar cycle passed between August 2 and 3rd. Nothing magical happened in this random spot in the Milky Way that made me change. I’m still an adult and still know my calling in life: and that is to write the hell out of every piece of stationery I find.

Give me a sticky note, and I’ll write a haiku. Give me a spiral notebook and I’ll fill it up with poetry and lyrics.

If doctors give me a presecription for a life-saving med, they can bet their ass I’ll fill up the space with ink related to a medical mystery.

Sir, it says here you need a nightly dose of ‘and the little old lady’s life ended when a tall shadow with a syringe, sharper than the devil’s fang, entered the room’????”

(Whatever you do, don’t sully the doctor’s orders with your creative writing endeavors. You need to stay alive if you want to get your stuff published.)

I’m 30 today and was 29 yesterday. I’m still the Supreme Commander of ToomStone. Read my stuff or it’s off to the gulags with you!

To anyone who follows this blog religiously, and I hope that’s a lot of you, some stuff’s been bogging me down. Depression isn’t one of them, thankfully. I’ve had to get some things squared away on my days off from work: State residency, vehicle registration, purchasing a new car, etc.

Now, about that last bit…I forgot how excrutiatingly torturous the auto loan process is. You stay at the dealership for the better part of the day, biting your fingernails because the place doesn’t serve lunch. When the dust settles and you get the car keys, you’re hit with the knowledge that you need to pocket more dough for the next X months. Say hello to car payments! And a higher insurance premium because the bank needs that collision and comprehensive coverage!

Some days come and I’m ready and willing to satisfy the lady named “Productivity.” But you know what Mike Tyson said about having a plan before getting punched in the face? I’d listen to that guy, he knows a lot about punches so he’s right. Thing is, that’s been happening a lot. There’s always something I need to take care before the productive stuff begins. Maybe it’s my ADHD. Worse, it could be my procrastination.

As you guys know, I’m not a millionaire writer. I’m a working stiff who ocassionally does stuff on his days off. I work in distribution, to be more precise. And let me tell you, the work drains you. You better watch your caffeine intake because if you show up for work tired after a 4-hour night of sleep, you better say your last rites because your shift will kill you.

Wait, a writer has to watch his caffeine intake? Bruh.

Silliness aside, I’ve managed to squeeze some productivity in regardless. Here’s what’s currently in the pipeline:

Heather’s Mannequin (REVISED) and Heather’s Veil

For those who are new to this blog, and my body of work, Heather’s Mannequin is my debut novel about an amputee surviving a world at war. Veil is, as you might assume, the sequel. Mannequin, while my proud brainchild, was dogged by subpar editing and marketing. Because of this, I’ve delisted the book from Amazon and all ebook platforms. The manuscript has already been edited (professionally) and Veil will be getting the same treatment soon. I’m aiming for an October release for both stories. Be on the lookout.

A Florist Forsaken (REVISED)

A Florist Forsaken was my debut poetry collection released back in February. Like Mannequin before it, Florist was marred by poor editing and presentation. I actually published these poems in Times New Roman (I know…what was I thinking?) But this will be rectified with a new font and visual interior. Oh, and it’s getting a new cover. Waaaay better than it was before.

A Widow Waned (NEW POETRY)

The poetry bug has bitten me again, folks. My demons, past heartbreaks are coming to the fore, anxious to pour their acid out of my ribcage. Widow will be, I think, more “free form” than Florist. I think that’s good, since it implies development as a writer. I don’t want to reveal too much too soon, though. So hold your horses.

Woodwind (New Story)

Between edits for Mannequin and Veil, I’ve been developing a new story based on real-life rock musicians I’ve come to admire. I think the concept is insanely cool and am excited to put it out. The whole plot revolves around finding your own voice but with a special, morbid Toomey twist.

More Blogs

More blogs are on the way. I feel the last few were rushed and not researched thoroughly. Maybe that’s just me. I have some ideas and drafts waiting to be written. Did you know The Doors were the greatest rock band that ever existed? It’s true. Stay tuned and I’ll explain why.

So that’s all for now, thanks for reading. Yeah, it’s my birthday today but this was more out of an obligation to explain my relative absence. It’s hard when you’rea working stiff.

That last sentence sounded wrong but I’m too tired to correct it. It’s fine as is, methinks. Cheerio!


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