Red Stripe

I look within
So deep within…

A jackal in this spiritual wasteland
Chasing a warrior without a headband

Chasing me within
So deep within

With yellow eyes and pointed fur
From a distant past, a moving blur
Distortion and echoes are its thirsty cackle
So long are these years, fleeing from this jackal

Hand me a gun
The stripe will get colder
As it goes down my shoulder
A red stripe runs past my hand
A red stripe bands across my head

The headband of a warrior, ever so valiant

I look without
So far on out…

A false idol, an empty suit, atop a pedestal
A hand full of barbed-wire strings to pull

I’m looking out
So far on out…

A fist of gilded iron, far away as the sky
Never saw its face, and I’ll never know why
Exerting pressure, enforcing tight boundaries
They nip these rosebuds, wilting in the breeze

Hand me a knife
With the stripe down my wrist
I’ll end this madness post-haste
A red stripe belts across my waist
A red stripe runs down and away

A scarlet sash for a king, ever so divine

Flowing like a red river, to a sea far away
To a red sea so far away

So far away…

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