The sky and ground, blank and gray I see
Two spheres, pale and chrome, both adrift
Between them, the sprout of the first fig tree
Then cometh forth, a Voice from within the rift!

One sphere, the first, He burned and scorched and grew
Before traveling far away
The sphere, the second, She stayed and shined a luminescent hue
When once passed the day

Two different spheres
For a thousand years…
And a thousand more
To preserve the days of yore

The people on the land, civilized, yet bereft of vision
To themselves they said, “Today and tonight, we’ll look up and gaze!”
“For ourselves and each other, we’ll initiate an Inquisition!”
“For the two bodies above, celestial they be, determine our ways!”

For the bodies above
And the bodies below…

The centuries they passed, and the bodies they wandered
“Upon this stretch of sky, are we truly alone?”
They peered through the darkness, they thought and they pondered
“May there exist, bodies like we, beyond this ethereal dome?”

For the bodies above!
And the bodies below!

Two different spheres
For a thousand years
And a thousand more!
To preserve the days of yore!

On this day we look up and see, sharper our eyes,
Beyond the spheres on the galaxy’s face
Pulsars and quasars, astronomical in size!
Upon their lips, so varied the taste!

Beyond the two spheres
Beyond the two eyes
Behold their starry tears…
And their many shades of skies!

See their panorama of white, turquoise, lavender, and black
Hear their meteor songs, auroral hymns, and supernova choir
Many the bodies, celestial they be, all beyond the galaxy’s back
Many the comets, tails so bright, soaring beyond that gleaming spire!

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