The Lady in the Hurricane: A Poem by Corey Toomey

There once was a lady,
Carved in stone
The year was 2020 A.D.
Around her, a bird bath’s water shone

Pattering drops gathered from above
Filling to the brim, her residential dish
Sturdy rock, yet soft as a dove
The lady she knew, granted heaven her wish

Wish? Nay, she prayed
Prayed and prayed, this lady did
Humming that stony serenade
As the perilous storm, it lasted

The day at once came, and a hurricane descended
The heavens were but worlds away
Her cries unheard and despair ascended
To herself she asked, “Have I been led astray?”

“The birds, they’ve retreated!
And staggered I am by the wind’s black howl!
The sunlight, it has depleted!
What bird is I, the hummingbird or the owl?”

The days they passed and not the hurricane did they abate
The black clouds they roared, devoid of heaven’s light
Her sorrow it did not assuage, nor her hunger did it sate
“Of where shall I turn, to smight this plight?”

The day came at last, when her knees they rose
From off the ground, of her own free will
“Perhaps a different setting will dissolve my woes.
Where I will breathe in air so fresh, and eat my fill.”

There once was a lady, carved in stone
Eroded by prayers unheard, and a darkness unseen
Until it cracked, her rock of grey, and her fair skin it shone
The birth of she who dances and sings, upon this field of emerald green!

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3 thoughts on “The Lady in the Hurricane: A Poem by Corey Toomey

    1. Thanks! I wrote this in less than an hour yesterday (before some minor alterations). I was bored at work and we’re recovering from a hurricane. Inspiration finds you in the strangest of places! 😀


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