Today I recorded my first TikTok.

Holy crappin’ Christ, did I really????

Yeah. I did.

I’m sorry, guys. I’ve stooped so low. I’ve fallen into the Internet’s abyss. You will never hear the cry of my sinking soul as it descends into oblivion. I’m too far down. Out of earshot from human civilization.

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TikTok is a video-creation app where people can upload videos doing crazy stunts, telling jokes, or observing something unusual. Here’s the thing: Your videos can only go up to 60 seconds (tick tock, hurry up, your time’s almost up. Finish the damn video, tick tock…hence its name). It’s basically a rehash of what Vine was a couple years ago. The main difference is that Vine videos could only go up to 6 seconds (or was it 7? Damn Mandela Effect). TikTok is basically Vine brought back from the dead.

I myself prefer to see TikTok as a mini-YouTube, only because I’m a YouTuber.

Like any social media platform, I believe there’s a side to TikTok that is genuinely fun. I’m currently following a cop (Officer Carlin I think is his name) where he gives his followers a humorous glimpse into his day-to-day life. I love police officers, and it’s nice to see that they’re all human and want to have fun.

There’s another side to TikTok, however, that is…well, repulsive. I’ve seen a few parents essentially exploiting their children for views. They have their children do all these dances and other objectionable things, even when they’re not aware of the potential repercussions of their actions being recorded for public viewing for all time.

One mother actually posted a TikTok of her daughter sitting behind her in the car and flipping the bird to the camera. The woman merely laughed it off, saying “What happens when your baby girl has the same attitude as you. :D” Yeah, the same attitude as you, lady. I can totally believe that.

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I believe it’s in poor taste to use children as props for content creation. Years are going to pass and they’ll become adults. These kids are going to recoil in horror as to what their parents made them do when they were still young. Let your child grow up first before putting them in the limelight. Just my two cents.

Anyway, my first (and perhaps only) TikTok had me pondering a solution to my current book sale woes. After thinking a bit, I decided that I’ll duck-tape my book to the background of my video as product placement! 🙂 There’s nothing duct tape can’t fix (I know this because I live in the South 😉 ). And all of this was in the span of 23 seconds without a spoken word (or backgroung music, oops).

It goes to show how content creation needs to constantly appease our shortening attention spans. Some have debated whether TikTok is intrinsically good. It’s not only stirring up a debate in the social sense, but also in the arena of politics.

President Trump announced a few weeks ago that he was banning TikTok (made by a Chinese company) from operating in the United States. His assertion is the Chinese government is using it as spyware to collect data on American citizens. It’s fair to say that his Administration is privvy to things that the masses aren’t aware of, so I don’t know.

Both countries have had a symbiotic relationship in terms of trade since Nixon and Mao established ties. Basically, China has made our stuff and we bought it from them, giving them oodles of cash to live off of. It’s been a mutually-beneficial relationship and a mutually-detrimental one, too. If one of us acted up, we could easily pull the carpet out from the other country.

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As it stands right now, we’re slowly becoming independent of each other. Trump has taken measures to discourage America companies from moving to China through tariffs and extra taxes for companies outsourcing jobs to China. He’s also offered tax credits for companies that manufacture within our borders. If/When the symbiotic relationship ends, both countries will have no incentive to appease the other side.

And that may lead to…you guessed it: War.

If what Trump is saying about TikTok is true, it seems the Chinese are gathering as much intel as they can in case things go south between both nations.

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At the time of this writing, Trump has considered allowing Microsoft to purchase the app so as to exclusively use them inside the U.S. As of today 8/24/2020, TikTok has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for the ban…even though China has banned Google and YouTube. Last I checked, Google hasn’t filed any motions against them. I mean, it is their country, after all.

Anyway, the reason I’m bringing politics into this blog is that the TikTok video may be the only one I’ll ever do. Oh, well. Nothing wrong with trying them out before it gets scattered like ashes in the wind.

Here’s the video on YouTube, I hope you all enjoy it. Take care!

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