Ugh, lust. I’m going to talk about lust. I’m not looking forward to this.

Today was, I don’t even know how to describe it.

My WordPress Stats

I woke up this morning to find my latest blog, NoFap and Circumcision, taking off like a rocket (nope, not apologizing for that one).

It got over 70 views last night (from 8PM-12AM) and its rapid rise has stretched to today. At the time of this typing, the blog has accrued around 190 views!

A screencapture of my WordPress stats showing 190 views for my recent article, NoFap and Circumcision.

Consider that this is MY site we’re talking about here. This many views is unprecedented.

You may think, “Gosh, Corey! Your blog must’ve been so poignant and powerful to generate this much interest!”

It was an article about masturbation.

(And the social/personal effects stemming from it)

Success…from Masturbation

Don’t take this as negativity. I appreciate the flattery, so take it as matter-of-fact.

I’m saying this wasn’t really my most powerful/well-written content. To me, it was a blog like any other, and yesterday was just another day at the office.

Views and visitors may generate higher ad revenue, sure. But what bothers me is that a majority of these viewers came from Facebook.

I never shared the blog to my private or professional page due to the somewhat objectionable material.

Who’s Responsible???

So someone else must’ve shared it to their Facebook page. WordPress won’t show me who did it, for privacy reasons.

Basically, the viewers coming onto my blog were not WordPress members. How do I know this, you ask?

The Likes, or the lack of them.

The post has generated over 100 views today, but only 1 like. Remember, you have to be a WordPress member to use the Like button. Plus, no comments have been posted. I haven’t gained any new Followers from this, either.

So you know what this means? Someone somewhere posted my blog and (non-WordPress) people clicked on the link because…why?

Because of the thumbnail. 👇

An erotic photo of a man and woman kissing on the beach.
Photo by Adam Kontor on

Under my Thumbnail

I know. Sexy picture, right? (Seriously, that chick is gorgeous)

When you see a racy photo like this, you’re going to engage with it. Especially if you’re a dude! It’s the paleocortex kicking in to satiate your primordial desires.

Hey, I’m a dude, too. There’s no misandrist diatribe here. And the ladies probably dig this just as much, if not more than, the guys.

Women like sex as much we do! That feeling of penetration is the best feeling they’ll ever get, let’s be honest. 🤷‍♂️

(Who do you think buys all those Walmart erotica novels? Girls!)

Psychology of First Impressions

Now, think of newspapers putting the “worst”/most deadly event of the day on the front page. They’re trying to entice you to buy it so you can meet your innate need to keep yourself safe.

It’s a material form of clickbait and a voodoo form of marketing.

Neuromarketing, baby!

Spiderman reading a newspaper in front of the New York Times building.
Photo by Life of Wu on

The photo above with the beach couple served as clickbait. That’s why I’m not too proud of this blog smashing personal viewership records.

People did not go after the content, they went after the photo. They went after it with lust on their minds.

They unconsciously expected some literotica piece, probably.

Effect on ToomStone

I fear that this blog will be what I’ll be remembered for. See, I don’t publish erotica. I publish quality content that makes my followers think and re-examine their lives and the world around them.

As a storyteller, I like to engage with people’s minds, not their senses. I like to teach them valuable lessons, not sex positions.

Case in point, the post about masturbation.

Let’s be Serious

Should men train themselves to not satiate their immediate sexual desires? Does it not teach the man self-control? Look past the thumbnail, there’s a legitimiate message there.

Look, I don’t want to mope and sulk because ToomStone still has a long road ahead. I will publish another quality piece that’ll dethrone this lusty garbage in views and visitors.

Mark my words. People will read it to learn something, not to titillate their senses.

I just needed to vent because of how disappointed I am with how marketing works sometimes. It is what it is.

Thanks for reading/listening to my rant! Be sure to leave a Like and Follow my Blog through Email! Till next time, guys!

Corey Toomey, smiling at you.

8 thoughts on “What is the Lust Effect on Marketing

      1. WordPress is a great platform…for certain things. There a million ways, suggestions here in the WordPress site, of how to become a blog with a large view count.
        While I blog for my own pleasure with the creative writing of poem and prose, I will look at what posts are looked at mostly and I wrote one that had orgasms in the title and it has a high reader count. It’s clear what makes us feel like we just have to look.
        Yet I think there’s variety, such as myself, I like opening blogs with pictures of people or life or art in them.
        I’ve been on WordPress for going on seven years with a few different accounts. The best I’ve determined is you find you place. Weed through all the things you don’t want.
        One thing though, religious beliefs and a fearful society stance has made us put sex or our bodies and a place of embarrassment, fear, taboo, etc. often times treated with innuendos or crass humor, silence, or stifling it. So it only makes sense that people might click on those types of posts because It’s such a natural part of human nature, a desire to hear, see and know something. Curiosity about things we are taught to look away from, control, push back. I guess I’m saying with far too many words, this result is who we are, from what were taught and conditioned to

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi. It’s interesting what does sell. I find food posts do, no idea why, I don’t like cooking either. I painted a new once, and that got loads of likes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our taste buds are a pretty strong factor, too. Whenever I watch a Coca-Cola commercial, where they give you a close up of the bubbling beverage being poured, I get a terrible craving to go out and buy a drink.
      They’re essentially brainwashing you. 😀


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