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After putting my foot in the door for 2 weeks, I am now working as as delivery driver in Florida. Yesterday, they put me through the ringer by having me do my first rodeo all by my lonesome. Thing is, I didn’t get much practice with the delivery van in advance.

I can really dig the whole “sink-or-swim” mentality they have down here. It’s what forces us to grow up, be intuitive, and sustain ourselves. We’re primal, self-sufficient creatures, after all.

Being that today is my day off, I’m back home relaxing, sipping on some Dunkin, and nursing my sore muscles. My calves blew up yesterday from stepping in and out of the van so much.

Back when I started working in distribution (warehousing), my back split for a week and I could only walk around through some miracle.

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Growing pains when you’re starting a new job, right?

The toughest part of this line of work is the Florida climate. The back part of the delivery vehicle can get excrutiatingly hot. Fortunately, there’s AC in the cab so I’ve no right to complain.

But man, I’m going to have to bring more liquids with me next time, because I was teetering on dehydration towards the end of my itinerary. I was sweating like I never sweat before.

“Ehhh, I can do this job without breaking a sweat!”

“Deliver some packages??? No sweat!”

Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


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My first order of business at the end of my shift yesterday was to take a cold shower. The best, and most appropriate, cold shower I’ve ever taken.

I’ve read about some people taking cold showers in the morning. Apparently, it’s the “right” way to kick your day off. Like, how is that possible? If your body is cold already, aren’t you causing inimical effects with that needlessly low temperature?

Like, I don’t know, hypothermia?

It’s like taking a hot shower when you’re steaming hot. You’d be causing something called “overheat“, and it’s not a joke.

Take cold showers when you’re hot, and hot showers when you’re cold. Not bad advice to follow. Fire and ice, baby.

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These radical morning routines, spouted by wannbe motivational speakers, are mind-numbingly stupid. Just do what’s natural to you.

I know I’m rambling here, but I’m probably going to approach my content a little differently from now on.

See, I haven’t told many people this, but I was unemployed for a while to focus on my content creation career. I decided to take the plunge because I knew it’d be worth it, one way or another.

I wanted more time and space to write, blog, make videos, and record podcasts. While I’m not at the phase where my content can sustain me, I’m still very happy that I got started. That’s the key: GET STARTED.

While I will be working full-time in an industry that’s extremely demanding (thanks 2020), I will still be on here to publish blogs, make videos for YouTube, and work on my podcast.

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ToomStone, ToomIgnite, and ToomWind are all still alive. Never you fret, my friends.

If anything, this job may prove beneficial. It may force me to prioritize my content on my days off. During my recent bout of unemployment, I wasn’t focusing on these projects as much as I could have. Then again, maybe focusing on your content all day, every day just isn’t realistic? Especially if you’re afflicted with ADHD like me? >_>

^^^^^^ Another reason why the self-help industry is bullshit.^^^^^^^ Maintaining that “high” and keeping an eagle-like focus every second of the day is so impractical. And not to mention, completely unhealthy.

Anyway, I understand the process is different for me. It may be different for you, too. But a process is a process, just go with the flow.

Go. With…the frickin’ Flow.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I hope everyone’s doing great.

Toom Out!

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UPDATE Oct 2020: I was terminated for putting gas into a diesel tank. Oops. Stuff happens. Move on. 😅

4 thoughts on “Life Update: Delivery Driver!

  1. self-help industry is bullshit.

    Wow I thought I am the only one who thinks Self-Help industry is BS. A lot of money to be made off people’s vulnerability I guess…

    Good luck with your new job! I am also hoping that my blogging thing (both wordpress and hive) could sustain me over the next couple of weeks. If not, I might find a day job too eeeek no.

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