The following chapter is a work-in-progress and subject to change. Heather’s Veil is the sequel to my first novel, Heather’s Mannequin.

Chapter One

The body, it lay. 
The heart, it bled.
Hey! You! Are you…oh…no, no…
Remember when we were children?
The time before we followed gods and worshipped spirits? You know who we followed?
Oh, god…oh, god…
Hey. Pay attention to me: Who did we follow as kids?
Yes. That’s right, we followed our mothers. They guided us through walks in the woods to show us the world beyond our homes.
Get help! Tell them we’re in the forest outside the city! 
When our mothers reached down to guide us, they held our hands so high, we had to walk on our tippy-toes.
Grab her wrist! Take her pulse!
In this present moment, I felt my bare back suffocating a damp patch of grass. I felt my bare chest caked in a red, suffocating layer…
Then I looked back…we came into this world, our backs bare of clothing. Our mothers were there…to warm us in her loving embrace…
…before we had time to shiver.
Put pressure on her wound and keep her warm! She’s bleeding out!
They lifted us after we fell. They carried us if they had to. Piggy-back rides as we reached for the sky. It’s like we glided through life without effort or volition.
Okay, boys, let’s get her on this gurney. One, two, three, up!
And, they…our moms…they put bandaids on those scraped knees. No injury was too great for the nurse of the household to heal.
She’s going to need stitches. This wound is way too severe…
Ah, yes. To curl up and be covered by that warmth again. To be cocooned in security. To surrender my well-being to the whim of my mother. 
And now to the whim of strangers.
Hurry up! We’re losing her!
The body, it lay. 
The heart, it bled.

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