Today I released a new episode of my podcast where I gave an up-to-date assessment of the Corona situation.

Honestly, no one really needed that if you have a television or internet access. The main point of today’s episode was to announce I’ll be cutting down on episode lengths until I start getting guests on.

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Solo podcasts are a tough sell, I’m not going to lie. Not a lot of people want to listen to someone talk to himself in his own room. My aim is to make 20-minute mp3s of commentary.

Commentary, that’s really what my podcast is at the moment.


Just glorified commentary, ha.

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But with today’s episode, I made a noticeable departure from my scripted talking points approach. I felt more…loose. There were moments where I expressed who I genuinely am.

There were moments where I surrendered myself to…doing a tangent.

Tangent Commentary

Now, going on tangents and letting your mouth do the talking has its benefits…and its downsides.


The benefits are that you can easily fill up time (while procuring ad revenue in the process). You can also become more confident in front of the camera or microphone.

Stand-up comedians typically employ this tactic, they just go with the flow. They say whatever it is off the top of their heads and the reason it comes across as funny is that it feels natural.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.


The downsides, well, the downsides are that your content runs the risk of getting stale. There can be only so much gas that’ll last in that high-powered cruiser going 80 mph.

It also runs the risk of making your content superficial and lacking depth.


For those who aren’t familiar with LeafyIsHere, he was a prominent YouTuber back in 2015-16 and made daily commentary videos.

His videos would stimulate the optic senses by using fast-paced gameplay footage in the first-person view.

You would also hear his voice in the background going on profanity-laced tangents about whatever was bugging him.

Calvin Vail (aka, “Leafy”)

His commentary usually focused on YouTube drama and his clashes with other personalities.

It would provide clips of people making fools of themselves, and Leafy going all “What. The. F**K is this guy’s deal?!” or some variation of it. He’d even throw in insults describing the subject’s looks.

Tangent-Fueled Commentary

Now, I’ll admit that his style of commentary was amusing. At first. Over time, it got stale and dull. Over time the listener realized there just wasn’t anything new or unique about what he was talking about.

If you’re not engaging your listeners’ minds, they’re going to tune you out. Entertainment only goes so far. I think.

I hope.

If I want my podcast to be successful, I can’t fall into the ole Leafy trap. Yes, showcase your personality. Yes, showcase some humor. But no, do not talk just for the sake of filling up time.

That’s called a tangent. Tangents nuke quality.

UPDATE 10/7/20: Leafy has been permanently banned from YouTube for objectionable content.

See what this style of commentary can do?🤷‍♂️

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