I’ll be the first to admit: I have half-assed blogs before.

“But, Corey! You’re not supposed to half-ass blogs until you reach like, thousands of followers on WordPress! You’ll get views and ad rev for free at that point! Nobody will give a flip about your quality!”

– Tommy Coreyson (circa. 3091)

Okay. Back up, man. A lot of the most popular blogs I’ve read on the Reader are well thought-out pieces about the nature of existence, the human condition, poetry, and so on. Generally speaking, quality wins on WordPress…generally speaking. People recognize quality. They give it likes, which in turn leads to more views, which in turn leads to it going viral…which in turn leads to even more likes and views. I think the Reader is a fair indicator of a writer’s quality.

By the way, if it seems like I’m typing to reach a word count, that’s because I am. I’m half-assing this shit, man. Half-assing it with the power of verbosity!

Back to quality…what if quality is not like a carefully planned-out construction project? What if quality is an accident? Can quality be an accident? Could we have a storm that sends splinters of wood flying left and right, only to create an entire village once it clears up? Could quality ever be borne out of an accident?

The reason I’m asking is because there may be a virtue in half-assing on WordPress or whatever blogging site you use. Why don’t we just blog for blogging’s sake? If writing skill is like a muscle that needs to be exercised frequently, what’s wrong with half-assing? Isn’t it more practical to half-ass anyway? Just write! Just half-ass it! Just write to meet your half-ass quota!

Because out of chaos comes beauty. 👍

You see, most of our blogs will be garbage writing. And that’s okay. Sometimes in the pursuit of garbage writing we can accidently create something decent. Let me put this another way: Through trial and error, we slowly perfect our craft. Through trial and error, we slowly inch towards that masterpiece that readers will jizz over.

I don’t know if this blog made a lick of sense. I typed the whole thing up in less than an hour and barely did any editing. If you find this post disrespectful to the art of blogging, then I apologize. You’re getting a window into my soul, folks: And my soul is chaos. I am chaos personified. And that reflects in my writing.

Speaking of chaos and writing, have you guys checked out my novel Heather’s Mannequin? It’s a pretty good story. I think you’ll like it.

Go on Amazon and check it out! Peace! #shamelessplug

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