To date, I have posted two book reviews on my YouTube channel. Unkillable Joe by Joe Vallen and Edge of the Breach by Halo Scot. It seemed appropriate considering these books were the first two I read since joining the #WritingCommunity on Twitter.

Both books are great in their own way. I made my issues with both of them known to the authors, though. But in their weaknesses lie strengths.

Unkillable Joe shines as a deconstruction of common literary narration in the sense that the omniscient narrator is the character being developed throughout the story rather than the characters he’s observing. What seems like lackluster writing at the beginning is actually part of the overall character arc.

Edge of the Breach gives us a fictional world filled with richness and splendor. The violence and sex may seem excessive, but they make it a page-turner, nonetheless.

Both reviews can be seen on my YouTube channel. What I’ve noticed about writing/filming reviews is people become so appreciative of you. An important part of networking and making connections is a consistent conscious effort.

You have to get get out of your own way to read other people’s books and write reviews. Your network isn’t going to build itself up. It will also take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Filming book reviews on YouTube is relatively simple. You don’t necessarily have to use external footage that isn’t you in your room talking about your book. You can use minor effects to improve the flow and create comedic effect. Today’s Breach review only took me 2 hours to film and edit.

YouTube may be a vital platform if you’re a content creator though you may get stiffed by the saturation of the website (we’re talking millions of channels here). Besides, people mostly want to see Jackass-level action (see: the Paul Brothers) and gaming (PewDiePie).

I myself care for neither. My advice is: don’t be something you’re not. The minute I try a Paul-esque vlog, my career would go down the tubes. People will see the awkwardness in my face and see that I’m being fake.

I don’t know where my YouTube career will take me but at the moment, I’m keeping it low-key. And that’s how it should be when you’re starting out a new venture, yes? Low key, baby.

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