Hello, everyone. Tonight (or today, depending on where you are), I’ll be doing a departure from my usual content. A couple hours ago I launched my Patreon page. The link to it is at the bottom.

For those that are still new, Patreon is a website for content creators to receive financial support from their fans (or “patrons”). These patrons are entitled to exclusive content that is not shown to the public. Said content may include (but isn’t limited to) blogs, videos, podcasts, and art pieces. All the patron has to do is pledge x amount of dollars a month to maintain access to this content. How many benefits they gain depends on what tier they signed up for.

At the moment, I only have one tier and it’s Basic. It’s mostly for those who wish to support my work on my YouTube channel, the ToomWind podcast, and of course, my writing on this website, ToomStone. The Basic tier is $3 for a newsletter, chat community option, and posts that are exlusive to all patrons.

As time goes on I will update my tier system and add benefits. I will figure out what benefits these should be. For example, I may offer signed copies of Heather’s Mannequin to those that sign up for the top tier. Just an idea.

Any amount of patrons signing up would mean a lot. Thank you guys for your continued support of my blogs, videos, and podcast (I know I can be a loose cannon sometimes, but that’s part of my charm :P).

Much love to you all, and stay safe and healthy.

Link to my Patreon page

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