Yesterday, my 15-day blogging streak came to an end. It’s not that I didn’t have any ideas, I did. I actually have 4 drafts at the moment. Last night, I was feeling so burnt out, I didn’t bother finishing any of them. I’m in the “hustle” period of my creative journey right now. As someone who’s promoting his own book, I’m also trying to sell my own image on as many platforms as possible. WordPress and Twitter are just a couple I’m working on.

With everything you do, there’s an opportunity cost. Basically, time spent doing one thing is less time spent doing something else. Being on WordPress costs me time on Twitter. It costs me time typing up my manuscript for Heather’s Veil. It also costs me time on ToomWind (my budding podcast). So for all the time away from WordPress, here’s what I learned:

On Twitter, gaining recognition in the #WritingCommunity requires you to be a leader, not a follower. In other words, you need to start discussions, not partake in them. It’s how you draw attention to yourself. Today, I posted a query regarding the meaning of the word “publish”, and what people think when they hear, “Yeah, I’m a published writer!” Does it have to mean you brought your work to a verified agent and they said “sure”? Or can it just mean you typed up a book and submitted it to Kindle, an emotioneless entity that can’t reply with the negative?

Anyway, the overwhelming consensus was that publishing is publishing. If you took the time, made the effort, and opened yourself up for criticism, then who cares if it isn’t “traditionally” published? Seriously, who cares? While I have voiced my misgivings about the #WritingCommunity in the past, they are good for some things. Like all social platforms, you need to utilize Twitter correctly if you want to reap its benefits.

On the Heather’s Veil front, progress is good. The story will have a more faith-based theme, as opposed to the pain/loss theme of the first one. For those that are interested in reading Heather’s Mannequin, I’ll provide the link below. It’s available on Kindle for $0.99. Now, I keep reminding myself that perfect grammar, syntax, and prose are not necessary in the first draft. Because…no one’s going to read the first draft, except you!!! Haha! So make that first draft as crappy as possible!

As for ToomWind, I still need to provide a link on the website. That is, once I have an appropriate amount of episodes of me talking to myself. I need to find my voice first, so to speak. I think the next episode will have me talking about International Women’s Day, which was yesterday (March 8). There’s something I need to address with feminism and Heather’s Mannequin. See, I got a review from a (feminist?) book blogger on Instagram recently. I believe she gave me a critical review because she misinterpreted the story. I can’t be sure and I don’t have ESP. But I still think this needs to be addressed in one form or another.

On Instagram, I need to maintain my visual campaign. I need to make the cover of Mannequin stick in people’s minds. I need to make that bloody mannequin hand holding the pink scarf an unforgettable image. I need to promote the 99-cent Kindle edition via the website, too. So I have some pic-taking to do.

*sigh* I wonder if it’s productive to do this? To talk about being productive, rather than…I don’t know, being productive? We’ll see if this entices me to get stuff done. I’m essentially making a promise to the general public that I’ll do something. Because no one wants to lose in the court of public opinion, am I right?

Well, I better wrap this up before I begin to ramble…if I haven’t done so already.


Heather’s Mannequin on Amazon (Kindle)

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